With Halloweekend upon us, it is extremely important to party responsibly by putting extra emphasis on consent, whether you’re throwing a party or attending one.

Consent 101 for party attendees:

Know the definition of consent (aka You too might be a creeper): Most consent violators out there are NOT rapists or sociopaths. Sometimes people just don’t know any better, and sometimes people that do know better aren’t on their best behavior. Anyone can become a creeper under the right circumstances. So take a moment now to burn the following into your brain before things get swervy: Only enthusiastic, verbal Yes means Yes. No means No. The absence of an enthusiastic Yes means No.

Show up to rage with a script: Come up with exactly what you’re going to say when you feel uncomfortable BEFORE you go out. Now is the BEST time, not when you’re being creeped on as your LSD is kicking in. “Please don’t touch me” or “I’d like to dance alone right now” is a great start. Short, sweet, to the point.

Report creepers to security, staff, or bartenders, IMMEDIATELY. We must work together to create safer spaces. If you get groped at an event, please tell someone. You are not being dramatic. Regardless of your personal tolerance level for physical touch, there are other people at the event whose night may be ruined by unwanted touch. It’s everyone’s social responsibility to keep each other safe.

Consent 101 for events producers & club owners:

If you are throwing a party or operating a club, keep your guests safe by doing the following:

CONSENT POLICY: Have a clear consent policy and enforce it. Include your consent policy all your media, ticketing, event pages, websites, and promotional materials. Tell your patrons you care about consent and mean it.

STAFF TRAINING: Train your staff and security to spot creepy behavior. Train your staff to BELIEVE VICTIMS first. Make sure everyone on your staff, not just security guards, are knowledgeable and empowered to handle reports of consent violations. Take this behavior as seriously as you would a physical violent altercation.

SIGNAGE: Hang clear & visible signs all over your event stating your consent policy and stating how your attendees can get help if they need it. Hang your sign in the bathrooms, behind the bar, on the front door – everywhere. Specifically consider places where people go when they are having a tough moment. Got a corner in your backyard? That’s a great place for a sign reminding patrons that they are supported and can ask for help.

The official House of Yes Consent Policy is below.

We hope this inspires you to compose a firm policy for your events that will keep your patrons feeling safer and supported, and welcome you to borrow our language as needed.

To talk more about consent culture with us, email [email protected]

Verbiage to include on  promotional material you send out

We hope this inspires you to compose a firm policy for your events that will keep your patrons feeling safer and supported.
The official House of Yes Consent Policy, you’re welcome you to borrow our language as needed:

“Behave with beauty, connect with intention.
We are obsessed with Consent.
If someone is violating your boundaries or harassing you,
please report them to a security guard or any staff member.
We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment.
If you feel something, say something, and we will help.”




To talk more about consent culture with us, email [email protected]