We have created this space as a temple of expression
dedicated to connection, creativity and celebrating life.
We believe in the creative energy of every person who enters this space.
We believe that performance, dance and art can inspire and heal us.
We believe the world can be a better place.
We believe that weird is wonderful.
See you on the dance floor.

You are the party! The more you give, the more effort you put in, the better the experience guaranteed. Play. Explore. Wear that fabulous outfit or sexy costume, start a conversation with a stranger, dance like no one gives a fuck. This is your party, participate! Make eye-contact. Turn off your phone, turn on your heart.

Consent is everything, on and off the dance floor. Always ASK before a physical interaction and be sure to get a clear definite “yes” before getting intimate. It’s ok to say no at House of Yes. Consent is simple: the safer we feel, the sexier we are. If you’re not down with consent, we kindly ask that you party elsewhere or better yet… nowhere.

Our space objects within it are sacred to us. Harm and destruction of all kinds are forbidden. Your entry into our home is a promise to respect and protect it. Honor the humans who work to make this all possible. Show kindness, love and composure to your fellow guests, staff and the creators and they will do so in return.

House of Yes is dedicated to providing freedom from judgment, fear, racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination. Explore your inner best self, creativity and curiosity. Every guest is responsible for upholding this as a safe space for each other to celebrate in, and our staff is available to assist if ever necessary.

We are a collective of creatives, performers and innovators who live to support artistic expression, performance, nightlife and community. Our home is the House of Yes in Bushwick Brooklyn – our venue and incubation space fueled by passion and designed to inspire. Together we build intimate experiences, spectacular entertainment, killer parties and outrageous events anywhere and everywhere.

House of Yes was created in 2007 by Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova, two best friends who just wanted to make art and have a good time. With lots of help and lots of love, the original idea of House of Yes have transformed into a reality beyond what anyone ever imagined.

How did it all come to be? It’s a LONG STORY

YES! Our space is available for private events, weddings, video & photo shoots, full venue bookings and more. You can find more info on our Special Events page

We are always seeking collaborators, outstanding performers and insane acts of skill to showcase in our space and on our stage. If you have incredible acts or unique talent to offer, please submit here.

If you’re looking to collaborate and feature House of Yes in content pieces, interview HOY members or have an exciting press opportunity please contact [email protected] with your pitch.

We do have limited internships (must qualify for college credit) available for select individuals who are dedicated to pursuing their passion. If you are serious about learning through experience, please send us a message to [email protected] along with your CV, portfolio, interests, goals and any other information about yourself.