House of Yes is temporarily CLOSED. 

Our liquor license was temporarily suspended on Thursday, August 27 by the State Liquor Authority (SLA). We are currently working with the SLA to restore our license. Stay tuned for updates. 

With or without our license, the truth is that operating at reduced capacity for the next year is not financially viable. There is no relief coming from local or federal governments. We face the very real threat of permanent closure. We’re on our own — with only YOU, our friends & family, to keep us going.

YES. We will reopen! We just have no idea when.

We are dedicated to surviving because we believe in the future. We are committed to bringing culture and connection to you, to our city, and to the world for as long as possible. And to do this, we launched a Patreon to save our space from closing. 

Patreon allows us to get monthly pledges from you, and in turn we’re going to create fresh music mixes, merch, videos, classes, workshops and other surprises on a regular basis. You can pull out whenever you want to, but we’d love to make this a committed, long term relationship. With your monthly support, we can make real strides towards not only surviving, but thriving.



More Info about the SLA suspension:

The main reason for suspension referred to how we were serving food at our outdoor dining area. The latest safety guidelines mandated by the Governor require that food to be served alongside alcohol at all bars, and we thought we were complying with these rules by offering food-to-order from our sister restaurant.  Unfortunately we learned that this does not comply with the technical requirement of our license.

We were also dinged for the volume of our ambient music, and for a few individual people within our perimeter who were not perfectly following safety guidelines. Safety has always been our #1 priority, and this situation was no different. We tried our absolute best to follow all the guidelines dictated by 4 different agencies, and still somehow came up short.

We know it is temporary. We are figuring that sh!t out, and we’ll be back in action as soon as possible!