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New Year’s Events

Join us on the Eve of 2020 as we beacon a new day, a new decade, a new era of YOU.

Together we celebrate with 3 special gatherings:


Golden Era
at 99 Scott Studio

Welcome to the radiance of the roaring 2020’s

A gilded offering of decadence by House of Yes + ZERO

with 5 spaces to explore and 3 rooms of music

GA tickets are SOLD OUT. Only 2:00AM tickets remain!

Seize 2020

Bubbles & Bass presents Seize The Day
at House of Yes

A New Years Day celebration of life, laughter, friends, and family.

Seize the day.

Get lost in the grooves that move you.

Toast to a year full of promise and life.

Trust the journey into bubbly paradise.


The Surrealist Ball (SOLD OUT)
at House of Yes

Fancy fantasy. Psychedelic styles. Grandiose Illusions.